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Welcome to Lifetime Media, a St Louis video production company, that provides visual communications through the power of video. We are celebrating over 19 years in business and have the accolades, referrals and body of work to let you feel at ease that we can handle your project with great care, attention to detail and follow through with a video production that exceeds your expectations. We want to help you create a video that does its job...accomplishes your mission.

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Training and Educational Video Production

Communicate important information to customers, employees and presentation audiences with captivating educational videos

People are 75 percent more likely to watch a training video than read an employee training manual, article or email. Videos need to be a part of your company’s training, presentation and regulatory compliance strategy to help your audience engage with, learn and actually retain mission-critical information.

From technical medical demonstrations to regulatory compliance training to filming live presentations, Lifetime Media will work with your organization to produce useful and compelling educational videos that will engage your audience—be it employees, customers, presentation attendees or the general public.

In St. Louis, organizations like Code 3, BerkleyNet and the Post Polio Conference trust us to produce high-quality educational and training videos for their internal and external instructional purposes—regardless of budget or timeline.

As a Lifetime Media client, our studio is your studio. We have all the resources you need to tackle any instructional video production project—the largest sets, stages and green screens, state-of-the-art equipment, experienced video staff. Use as much or as little as you need. We have the flexibility to allocate exactly the resources you need, giving you the highest production quality no matter how tight your timeline or budget is.

Here are some of the educational and instructional video production service we provide:

Training and safety videos

Whether you’re launching a new product, training employees or communicating important safety and compliance information, videos are the best way to deliver information in a compelling format your audience will retain. Videos are always accessible by your target audience and employees—and are a great alternative to a dry training pamphlet. We can assist you with everything from script writing to filming to editing the final cut—all while staying within your budget and timeline.

Presentations and educational videos

Do you have one 20 minute presenter or a weeklong conference with dozens of presenters? Let our team professionally video the presentation capturing both the presenter and the PowerPoint presentation. We can even live stream the presentation or summit online for an even larger audience. You now have the power to leverage those communications at any time or place cresting a much greater return on your investment.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation today, and we’ll discuss how to accomplish your organization’s educational goals through video.

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