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Welcome to Lifetime Media, a St Louis video production company, that provides visual communications through the power of video. We are celebrating over 19 years in business and have the accolades, referrals and body of work to let you feel at ease that we can handle your project with great care, attention to detail and follow through with a video production that exceeds your expectations. We want to help you create a video that does its job...accomplishes your mission.

Lifetime Media Studio St Louis Missouri

Animated, Whiteboard and Live Explainer Video Production

Explain key parts about your product or services to your target audience and promote your products.

Branded educational videos that explain how your products or services work allow you to be a helping hand during a potential customer’s buying journey and influence their buying decisions.

After watching an explainer video, online shoppers are nearly twice as likely to buy products—but the benefits aren’t exclusive to just online e-commerce. Nearly 80 percent of customers across the board find demo videos helpful. Explainer videos—whether animated, whiteboard or live—need to be a key part of your marketing strategy.

In St. Louis, organizations like Research Based Solutions, Pipkins Software and Proctor & Gamble trust Lifetime Media as their full-service explainer video production company because of our high quality of production—and client service.

“Lifetime Media provided three professional-quality videos in a timely, cost-effective manner. The final product significantly exceeded my expectations and was of professional quality for speaking engagements.”

                                                                                                             - Kent Robertson

Truly an extension of your corporate communication team, our team will work with you from concept to storyboard to final cut in order to make sure the explainer video production process runs smoothly, exceeds your expectations and, most importantly, gets you closer to achieving your sales and marketing goals.
As a Lifetime Media client, our studio is your studio. We have the equipment, sets, stages and staff to produce any video your client might need, whether you’re looking to produce a whiteboard explainer video, live demo or animated educational clip. We have the flexibility to adapt our resources to your budget and timeline—not the other way around.

Here are the some of the explainer video production services we provide:

Live product or service demos

Walk your potential customers through how to use your product or service—or how it might improve their life—and make them more comfortable buying from, donating to, or interacting with your organization..

Whiteboard explainer videos

Whiteboard videos are a creative, interactive way to explain complicated concepts in a digestible way—once your target audience understands the value of your product or service, they’ll be more likely to buy from your brand.

Animated educational clips

Our high-quality animation services allow you to bring your ideas to life in an inventive way that will captivate and educate your target audience—and get closer to achieving your lead acquisition, sales or awareness goals.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation today, and we’ll discuss how to accomplish your organization’s educational goals through video.

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